Prof. Dr. Hendrik Hakenes – Publications

Research Papers

  • “Market Depth, Leverage, and Speculative Bubbles,” with Zeno Enders, Journal of the European Economic Association, conditionally accepted.
  • “The Effects of Creditor Rights and Bank Information Sharing on Borrower Behavior: Theory and Evidence” with John H. Boyd and Amanda R. Heitz, SSRN 2877788
  • “Bank stability and the allocation of liquidity in the banking system”, with Eva Schliephake
  • “Regulatory Capture by Sophistication,” with Isabel Schnabel, SSRN 2501573
  • “Separating Proprietary Trading from Deposit Banking: Consequences for Financial Stability”, with Isabel Schnabel
  • “Exploiting the Financial Wisdom of the Crowd – Crowdfunding as a Tool to Aggregate Vague Information” with Friederike Schlegel, SSRN 2475025
  • “Insider Lending, Conservatism, and Accounting Standards” with Jochen Bigus, SSRN 2414587
  • “Divide et Impera: Curbing Employees' Duties to Remain in Office” with Svetlana Katolnik, SSRN 2402130
  • “Information Disclosure, Intertemporal Risk Sharing, and Stock Prices,” with Tri Vi Dang, SSRN 1670710
  • “Capital Market Frictions and Economic Geography,” with Jan Kranich, SSRN 2388138

Publications in Refereed Journals


  • Hakenes, H: Banks as Delegated Risk Managers (in German), Dissertation Thesis. Fritz Knapp Verlag, Frankfurt a.M., 2002.

Publications in Edited Volumes

  • "The Regulation of Credit Derivative Markets," with Isabel Schnabel, in "Macroeconomic Stability and Financial Regulation: Key Issues for the G20," eds. Mathias Dewatripont, Xavier Freixas and Richard Portes, 2009, 113–128. CEPR, London.
  • "Kapitalabwanderung aus strukturschwachen Regionen – ein Argument für regionale öffentliche Banken?" (in German), with Isabel Schnabel, in "Sparkassenhistorisches Symposium", ed. Thorsten Wehber, 2009, 84–88.
  • "The Impact of Basel II on the Risk Appetite of Large and Small Banks," (in German) with Isabel Schnabel, in "The Future of the Financial Services Industry in Germany," eds. Klaus-Peter Müller and Udo Steffen, 2008, 139–150. Frankfurt School Verlag, Frankfurt.
  • "Poverty Measures as Downside Risk Measures: An Approach to Risk Measures that Dominate the Value-at-Risk," (in German) with Andreas Pfingsten, Carsten Breitmeyer, Frank Eggers, Christoph Rechtien and Sven Rieso, in Handbuch Risikomanagement, eds. Lutz Johanning and Bernd Rudolph, 2000, 85–110. Uhlenbruch Verlag, Bad Soden.
  • "Measuring Downside Risk and Poverty: A Transfer of Concepts and Axioms," with Carsten Breitmeyer and Christoph Rechtien, in Proceedings of the Third International Stockholm Seminar on Risk Behavior and Risk Management, Volume I, Risk Assessment in Finance, Stockholm, 1999, 116–127.

Unrefereed Publications

  • "The Advantages of Car Banks – Subsidiary Banks as Signals for Product Quality," (in German) Finanzierung Leasing Factoring, März 2004, 87–91.
  • "Poverty and Risk," (in German) with Carsten Breitmeyer and Christoph Rechtien, Forschungsjournal der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster, 8(2), 1999, 9–11.